Anthony Ranieri is an Australian Human Resources Professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. He has worked in a variety of senior management positions in human resources and is based in Melbourne. He is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Human Resource Institute.

His first book, How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks, was published in 2003 by Tandem Press in Australia and New Zealand. This book is now in its second edition.

Working in the human resource area helped Anthony look at the world of work in a creative way by focusing on some of his most unusual experiences.

Corporate Psycho is Anthony Ranieri’s second book. Its a book he enjoyed writing in a satirical way about bad behaviours and corporate psycho personalities that exist in many large corporations.

“If it wasn’t so funny it would be serious, very serious. The Corporate World is gripped by a virus of bad behavior  The corporate psychopaths have taken over. Disgusting, selfish and downright mean behavior is dressed and camouflaged as acceptable. We have gone to the dark side. The pressure of delivering year-in-year-out on the undeliverable has made it easier to disguise, but only for a short while, as karma reigns in those guilty. What has happened to the good guys, the standard bearers of normality, decency and honesty? They are out there, plugging away, day in day out, fighting the good fight in a good way of course. Let us not despair, let us look for our champions like Max Clarke as he goes head to head, chapter by chapter, in this mocumentary, a true confession of all sorts, as he takes on the psychopaths of big corporations and expose their rear guard and senselessness. The game is corporate snakes and ladders in a journey of witty confrontations, settling each score one by one at corporation Klink. Whether it’s the Perfumed Assassin, the Diversity Queen, John Shaft or Katrina Baxter; and at Fortress Orangutan, where the primates finally show their hand; He is ready to settle the score, one by one. Corporate Psycho is an expose of a business enterprise and organisation of people coming together in their personal pursuit of dominance, fame, success and greed. It comes at the expense of decent colleagues, good values and the fabric of the organisation and what it originally stood for.”


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